Industrial Production
for Health

With a broad and modern manufacturing plant, the Molecular Biology Institute of Paraná (IBMP) works in applied research, technological development, innovation and industrial production of inputs and diagnosis kits for health. The institution integrates and contributes to the development of the Economic and Industrial Complex of Health (Complexo Econômico e Industrial da Saúde – CEIS) and comprehends the development of Science and Technology as the best access to health products, services, and fundamental for the economic dynamism in the country. Its activities are intended to supply the health network with safe and quality products.

Production Highlights

The infrastructure for the production and development of health supplies consecrates the performance of the Institute in the Economic and Industrial Complex of Health

Technological Development
and Innovation

Molecular Biology Institute of Paraná (IBMP), invests its scientific and technological capacity in the development of new products, meeting the Brazilian population health demands and needs. Throughout its history, it has been established as a Scientific and Technological Institution (Instituição Científica e Tecnológica – ICT), working in the border area of Biotechnology. The Institute develops new solutions but also contributes to nationalize inputs used in the country, making products available in the Brazilian and international markets.

Technology Services for
Health Research

Technological development of products for in-vitro diagnosis

With experience in technological development and production in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), the Institute of Molecular Biology develops solutions for in-vitro diagnosis, being able to carry out specific steps or the entire process, including documentation to be submitted to regulatory agencies.

Production of molecular tests or recombinant proteins (CMO) in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

The Institute of Molecular Biology holds a production plant certified inGood Manufacturing Practices (GMP), offering services of diagnosis kits or inputs production. The certification enables the delivery of products meeting all Anvisa’s regulatory requirements.

Solubilization, increased expression of insoluble proteins in eukaryotic cells

Using a system of multiple protein fusions, the Institute of Molecular Biology obtains protein-expressing cells that do not express or have low protein uptake in Escherichia coli.

The Institute
in Action

The history of the Molecular Biology Institute of Paraná (IBMP) has consolidated in recent years and reinforced technological development in health in the region. The growth of the Institute’s performance is reflected by its actions and numbers: