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Yellow Fever KIT

Fought by Oswaldo Cruz in the early 20th century and eradicated from large urban areas since 1942, Yellow Fever has once again frightened Brazilians in recent years. Reinforcing its expertise in the area of molecular diagnosis, IBMP developed a molecular test for the disease diagnosis in 2018, at the request of the Ministry of Health and in partnership with Fiocruz.

– The technology, which uses a molecular technique that detects the genetic material of the virus, ensures:
– Levels of specificity and sensitivity potentially higher than that of the serological tests available on the market;
– It is faster than the traditional technique of genetic sequencing of the virus.

Molecular detection tests

At the beginning of 2019, IBMP supplied more than 3,500 tests for molecular detection of Yellow Fever in research use format, as a donation to the Ministry of Health. The objective was to meet an emergency demand associated initially to summer, the period of highest risk of transmission of the disease, and the experts’ forecast of the occurrence of outbreaks in 2019. Several public laboratories in the country received the tests, with responsibility for distribution by the Health Surveillance Secretariat of the Ministry of Health. In addition, the Institute has already provided training on how to use the tests for the teams of Central Laboratories (Lacens) and Reference Laboratories, designated by the Ministry.

Soon, IBMP and Fiocruz will submit the product's registration request to ANVISA.

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