for Innovation in Health

The Endowment aims to raise donations for investment in the production and technological development of new health products, especially in-vitro diagnosis solutions as well as therapeutic products.

Despite being an established practice in universities, technological centers and cultural organizations, especially in the United States and European countries, Endowments are not widespread in Brazil. "With the constitution of the Endowment, IBMP is able to raise donations to expand and accelerate its research and innovations, strengthening its actions in the health area with innovative, quality and nationally produced products," explains IBMP CEO, Pedro Barbosa.

Among the main research in development which can be accelerated, there are new molecules for cancer, autoimmune diseases, and diabetes treatment, as well as diagnosis kits for arboviruses, respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases, totaling about 50 ongoing projects.

The management structure of the Endowment is made entirely apart from IBMP's operational management, with full asset segregation and obeying strict regulation, transparency, and security to donors and external and legal control bodies. Donations to the IBMP Endowment can be made by both individuals and corporations, using financial resources or even chattel and real estate.

For Fiocruz President, Nísia Trindade, the implantation of IBMP's Endowment reflects its innovative gene. "In this case, the characteristic of innovative performance is reflected in organizational arrangements and financing mechanisms that guarantee its development and sustainability, contributing to the increase and quality of innovation activities in the country," said Nísia Trindade.